Be prepared for the restart: Always know what is going on with your tours


Monitor all trucks in real-time – start immediately by using the Synfioo GPS mobile app


React quickly to disturbances


Offer shipment monitoring to your customers

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Efficient supply of goods: More important than ever!

Right now, carriers are suffering from massive, unexpected disruptions. Under these circumstances, complete transparency over your tours is an essential tool that Synfioo can provide you with.

Make your tour planning transparent:

Use our service now!

If you are convinced by our service, you can sit back and relax, as our service will simply continue for €9.90 per truck/month (total duration of 12 months).

Your benefits


Know what’s going on:
Monitor all trucks for all your tours immediately via the Synfioo app – for your own fleet, your subcontractors and spot market orders.


Maintain control:
See where your truck is and when it arrives – save time and money with disruption alerts and arrival time predictions for every tour.


Improved customer service:
Keep your customers up to date with professional shipment monitoring, truck location tracking and reliable status reports – immediately available without any additional effort.

How to start:

Register for your free account
Drivers download the Synfioo GPS mobile app
Done! Monitor all your tours

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Real-time location tracking of your trucks

Arrival time predictions for every tour

Share shipment monitoring with your customers

Our customers and partners

Our customers and partners

Together with Synfioo, we have implemented a solution to better manage and optimize our supply chains in a much broader perspective, without any divisions into transport silos (truck, train, ship, and air). We strongly believe that in order to achieve the best result, one must work with the best. Synfioo fits that mold—an unconventional and open-minded company with strong principles and values.

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